Pinterest Fails at Disneyland

We all know it, even if we don’t want to admit it. Sometimes that Pinterest pin that looked so good turns out to be so very wrong. At Disneyland, cast members say it has caused guests to meltdown, sobbing: “But Pinterest said I could.”

I’m here to help you avoid disappointment and keep from looking like a gullible knucklehead.

What You HAVE to Eat

30 Items? Really? And you HAVE to eat them all?

I can only hope the person who made this list wasn’t being literal. The list includes three kinds of churros, two ice cream bars, an ice cream sandwich, two ice cream cones, and two ice cream sundaes. If you sampled all of them, you wouldn’t have time to do anything else. No rides. No shows. No parades.

And don’t think about the dietary damage or the stomach ache. I started adding up the calories, but I gave up after just six items. That’s when the total topped 2,500 calories. An average person would have to walk a marathon just to burn that off.

Free Coffee Refills

Once upon a time, when the coffee shop on Main Street U.S.A and was called the Market Cafe, they gave free refills. But that was long, long ago in Disneyland years and the practice ended in 2012 when Starbucks took over.

It doesn’t stop this pin from making the rounds, though. There’s another version that involves a complicated scheme of rewards cards and other gyrations that might work, but you’d probably be making about two cents an hour given the time it takes to get that free cup.

Get 4 Fastpasses in 15 Minutes

This may have worked a few years ago, but it just isn’t possible with current Fastpass rules.

The author seems to know that, and when you click through, they no longer give a plan for getting those four Fastpasses in 15 minutes. But images hang around Pinterest longer than the smell of last week’s fish dinner in the garbage can. Don’t let it give you false hope and don’t fall for it.

Fastest Entrance Lines

What I learned in statistics class tells me this is unlikely to be true.

In fact, I’m 99.999% sure that whoever started this urban legend did not spend time in the entry plaza, gathering reliable data on the speed of every line. There are too many variables for any one line to be consistently faster than another. But there’s an upside (maybe). Because of this myth, it might just be that 13,20, and 21 are actually the slowest, filling up with people who believed it and you might get in faster if you get in some other line.

Sword Removal Rewards

The last documented report of the sword coming out of the anvil was in 2008.

Even then, no one came to do any transformation.

Free Jungle Cruise Map

Not since 2015. Not that you’re going to get lost on the cruise if you don’t have the map.

Jungle Cruise skippers used to give out maps to guests who asked for them, but now you’ll find the map online instead.

Free Pickles

Don’t be a sourpuss when you hear the truth about this one.

I’ve never seen a pickle cart at Disneyland to start with, but they do sell pickles at the fruit carts. But really? A free pickle to everyone who’s nice to the pickle-monger? If it were true, they would be swamped with concerns about their day, and you’d see those pickles everywhere. Which you don’t.

Woody and Buzz Drop

I’m thinking this one was probably never true.

The story goes like this: If you yell “Andy’s coming!” to Woody and Buzz, they’ll stop what they’re doing and drop to the ground. The photo is cute, but if it were true, those two characters would spend their entire day on the pavement.