If You’re Going to Disneyland, You Need to Know the Lingo

If you go to another country, it’s always good to know a few words of the language. Otherwise, you can end up telling your taxi driver that you want to eat an elephant when what you really wanted was to go to the Coliseum.

It’s the same at Disneyland and we’re here to help you learn a few words that you need to know before you visit.

Get in Line Fast with FastPass — Or Be a Single Rider

Fastpasses and the Disney MaxPass can help you stay out of long lines, but there are more options. Check out how Monica takes advantage of her Single Girl status to get onto rides faster.

Park Hopping

Hopping is for more than just Roger or Oswald the Lucky Rabbit when you’re at the Disneyland Resort. It’s one of the options for your Disneyland ticket purchase. To hop, or not to hop, that’s the question. See what Monica has to say about it:

Disneyland Rope Drop

Why do people get all excited just because someone dropped a rope? At Disneyland, it’s a magical thing that even some frequent visitors don’t know about.

On selected days – which they don’t announce in advance – Disneyland opens its gates about 30 minutes before the official opening time. Visitors shout “Let the magic begin!” and stream through the turnstiles. You can get as far as the Walt and Mickey Friends statue at the hub, where you wait for Cast Members to drop the rope, just at opening time.

It’s so much fun that Betsy the Baby Boomer and Monica the Millenial nearly cried from excitement when they did it for the first time. Come join us!


Whether you’re at Disneyland or out in the “real” world, you may hear people talk about an E-Ticket ride. They use the phrase to mean “so exciting that I nearly peed my pants.”

As it turns out, the “E” doesn’t stand for Express — or Exhilarating — or even Extra Crispy. And back in 1955 when the park opened, it didn’t mean electronic, either.

At the Disneyland Hotel, it’s now the name of the Club Level  Lounge, why is it and “E” and where did the name come from? Find out more as Monica explains:

More Disneyland Lingo You Should Know

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